Food Drying Machines With Heat Pump

G-Dry GR Series heat pump food dryers are literally a marvel of technology. By combining heating, cooling, ventilation systems and today's smart technology with food drying, it represents the final point where the industrial food drying machinehas reached. This ingenious series that completely finds solutions to all the usual problems found in the structure of conventional food drying machines, will save you time and high operating costs in long drying periods, while guaranteeing perfect drying. Moreover, they will also help you protect the environment.

Gıda Kurutma Makinesi İcon
Gıda Kurutma Makinesi İcon
Gıda Kurutma Makinesi İcon
Gıda Kurutma Makinesi İcon
Gıda Kurutma Makinesi İcon
Gıda Kurutma Makinesi İcon

General Features


The cabinet and the air conditioning system are placed in a single integrated structure. In order for the cabinet structure to have high quality, durable and high hygiene standards, the outer sheet of the covers is painted with RAL 9002 electrocytic paint, and the inner sheet is made of 304 quality stainless steel. For excellent insulation, the inner and outer sheets are covered with 5 cm thick rock wool.


The dryer has in-cabinet circulation fans, fresh air exhaust fans and high-efficiency Plug fans. Drying air is never passed over the fan motors. Fan motors have frequency control for high energy saving, motor protection and speed control.


We use the drying by heat method to dry food. This drying method is simply heating the food and removing the moisture from it by evaporation. During the drying process, the moisture contained in the food is transferred to the air in the cabinet. After being transferred, the air reaching a very high humidity of about 65 °C is discharged out of the cabinet. It is imperative to take fresh air from the outside instead of the air that is expelled from the cabinet. The fresh air taken into the cabinet must be heated to interior temperature therof. This leads to a great consumption of energy. The only solution to this high energy consumption is to use an economizer (heat recovery device). We provide heat recovery by using an economizer of Swedish origin with a high efficiency ERP minimum of 73%, through exhaust air with a high humidity of 65 °C discharged outside. Thanks to this special method we use to ensure the minimum energy consumption of our G-Dry food dryers, the amount of energy required for reheating the fresh air is seriously reduced to 1/10. This eliminates the high drying costs on an industrial scale.

Outer Air Temperature Humidity Temperature Humidity Heat Recovery Condensation Amount
35 °C 80 % 57,20 °C 25,70 % 27,00 kW/h   73 %
10 °C 80 % 54,90 °C 6,30 % 52,50 kW/h 30,80 Liters 73 %
0 °C 40 % 54,50 °C 1,60 % 63,30 kW/h 43,50 Liters 73 %
-10 °C 10 % 54,50 °C 0,70 % 74,80 kW/h 56,40 Liters 73 %
-20 °C 0 % 54,00 °C 0 % 85,70 kW/h 68,50 Liters 73 %
Isı pompalı yerli endüstriyel gıda sebze meyve kurutma makinesi


Under the cabinet of G-Dry Food Drying Machines, there is a sensitive scale made of stainless steel with IP68 protection and a capacity of 8.000 kg. Since the food to be dried is not weighed in conventional food dryers, an unmeasurable amount of wet food is loaded in the machine. In the drying process, the moisture of the food is measured to ensure the desired dryness. Humidity measuring devices, on the other hand, do not always give accurate results due to calibration problems. As long as the weight of the dried food is not clearly measured before and after the process, it is inevitable to obtain over-dried or moist food. However, in the design of G-Dry Food Drying Machines, precise scale installation has been made on the floor and subframe. The food entering the cabinet is weighed with a sensitive scale and the exact amount of food entering the cabinet is known. Based on this initial weight, the target dry weight of the food is set from the smart panel and the drying process is inititaed. G-Dry makes instant weight measurement of the food during the drying process and automatically terminates the process when the target weight is reached. Thus, the dried food of the desired quality is guaranteed. During the drying process, you can monitor the drying weight real time via the smart panel. In addition, at the end of the drying process, you can also access the time-dependent weight graph, if you desire.


In G-Dry Food Dryers, separate filters are used to prevent the air returning from the cabinet from polluting the heating coil, to hinder the exhaust air entering the economizer from polluting the economizer and to ensure that the fresh air transferred to the cabin is purified from dust, soil, etc. With differential pressure sensors that control all filters, you can monitor the cleaning status of the filters through the smart screen. If any of the filters are contaminated, G-Dry alerts you over its smart display, but does not stop the drying process. When the drying process is finished, the machine will not start the drying process again or a new one until the filter is cleaned.


G-Dry Food Drying Machines have an advanced automation system designed to make the drying operation and drying process more efficient and high quality. Thanks to this system, excellent food drying is guaranteed, while you do not need to wait at the machine for long recovery periods.

7" Touch Panel, 800 x 600 pixels, 10/100Mbps ETH,3 Serial Port.
Filter pollution control is carried out by measuring the differential pressure in the return air filter to the power plant.
Filter pollution control is carried out by measuring the pressure difference at the filters in the fresh air inlet and in the air returning from the cabinet.
The warning light and siren system on the cabinet is controlled by automation.
Operating values such as "Operation", "Fault" are monitored via instant automation.
The possibility of monitoring with a smartphone or tablet within the authority.
Possibility of remote control and remote intervention within the authority.
The possibility of creating, monitoring and saving a total of 40 recipes according to the variety of food.
The net weight of the food entering the cabinet is displayed on the automation screen.
The net weight of the food is calculated by the number of baskets in which you will enter in the pre-recorded carriage & basket weight in the system and calculation is provided through automation by deducting from the total weight.
When the food to be dried reaches the desired target weight, the drying process is automatically terminated.
Control with PC
Modbus RS-485 communication.
Fresh air and exhaust control through automation.
The control of the wet and dry weights of the food and various graphs are automatically generated depending on the time.


Regarding the air entering and returning from the cabinet, specific and relative humidity measurements can be made with wet and dry thermometers within the system, for the air entering and returning from the cabinet.


G-Dry GR Series Food Drying Machines use a heating battery that can reach up to 75 °C which is powered by R134 Gas. According to customer requirements, heat pump options with capacities of 30 kW and multiples are also offered. A maximum pressure loss of 100 Pa occurs on the air side, while the maximum air temperature range is -50 °C to +65 °C.


In G-Dry GR Series Food Drying Machines, a heat pump that can reach up to 75 °C which is powered by R134 Gas has been preferred. According to your needs, heat pumps of 30 kW, 60 kW, 90 kW, 120 kW, 150 kW, 180 kW, 210 kW, 240 kW are possible. Also heat pumps providing the capacity you desire are also available. If you have a water source (for example, thermal water), we also manufacture a water source heat pump to make the system operate more efficiently. For a water source heat pump, it is sufficient that the source is at a minimum temperature of 5 °C. The higher the water temperature at the source, the more efficiently the system works.


In G-Dry Food Drying Machines, the cabinet is supported with a high-strength steel chassis under the cabinet to cut off the contact with the floor. This chassis is designed to carry a total weight of 4 tons. Steel legs are attached to the bottom of the chassis for easy transportation and installation. They support the cabinet and chassis in the event that the mounting floor is not flat and the cabinet does not press the floor.

Technicial Specifications

  Unit GR 250 GR 500 GR 1000 GR 1600 GR 3200
Wet Product Capacity kg 250 500 1000 1600 3200
Dried Product Capacity kg 50 100 200 320 2560
Water Intake Capacity kg/h          
Dried Water Amount kg 200 400 800 1280 2560
Dehumidification Amount liter/h 17 33 67 107 213
Drying Period Hour 12 12 12 12 12
Operating Voltage V 380 380 380 380 380
Frequency Hz 50 50 50 50 50
Power Absorbed in the Compressor kW 3 4 7 10 21
Compressor Operation Current A 5,6 7,0 12,0 17,3 34,6
Maximum Drying Temperature °C 65 65 65 65 65
Minimum Operating Temperature °C -10 -10 -10 -10 -10
Cooler Liquid - R134a R134a R134a R134a R134a
Number of Compressors Pcs 1 1 1 1 2
Compressor Type - Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
Compressor Brand - Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic
Number of Compressors Pcs 1 1 1 1 2
Economizer Pcs 1 1 1 1 1
Frequency Controlled Inner Air circulation Fans (Plag Fan) Pcs 2 2 2 2 2
Frequency Controlled Fresh Air, Exhaust Fan (Plag Fan) Pcs 2 2 2 2 2
Internal Scale Capacity Tons          
Remote Controlled Automation   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
External Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D) cm     495 x 267 x 350    
Internal Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D) cm     201 251 215    

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