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G-Dry is a RES Enerji Sistemleri A.Ş. affiliate. As the founders and engineers of our company, we have a long history of heating, cooling and ventilation. More than 50 years of industry experience is at stake here. We decided to move our experience, knowledge and know-how in this field to new areas. When we consider the dynamics of our country with this motivation, we saw that the agriculture and food sector are the most suitable areas where we can benefit from our talents at the maximum level. Our goal of high efficiency and minimum energy consumption enabled us to focus on food dryers.

After an intense R&D process, we dreamed of an environmentally friendly food dryer that will raise the quality of the products we produce in the agriculture and livestock sector to the highest levels while minimizing operating costs. At the point we have reached, we have succeeded in producing a food dryer which has the technological power of our age in terms of interactivity, has high capacity, has very low operating cost, is friendly to nature and will make a mention of the engineering of our country both at home and abroad with its durable and strong structure.

While G-dry stands for Green Dry, which means food drying with green energy, with the word green, it also emphasizes technology and the food industry. With its environmentally friendly advanced technology, it represents the ability to transform foods into much more durable vitamins and minerals.

G-Dry Smart Food Dryer


Water is the main factor that spoils food. Drying, on the other hand, is the removal of the water in the food by various methods without losing its caloric value and without breaking its cells. Dried fruits especially protect the body against free radicals with high antioxidant potential. Food drying is a very old method known since the agricultural society. Our food dryer, which we have created by blending this ancient knowledge and technology, simulates the most suitable and hygienic drying environment, and has a high quality drying capability regardless of time and season. By evaporating the water in the food with the air cycle, it increases the value of the food and allows the food to be stored for a long time. The microorganisms present in each food differ. We know the optimum water ratios that these microorganisms need to continue their activities. With the drying process, we reduce the water in the food up to 10%. Microorganisms cannot be activate in this amount of water. Bacteria that cause food spoilage cannot reproduce in foods with a water ratio of less than 0.90. In some types of food, this rate can be as low as 0.70. The ideal heat value and perfect drying time to be uses for the food drying process vary. It is inevitable to encounter negative situations such as blackening and mineral loss if drying is not made in accordance with the food specifications. Here, G-Dry's advanced technology comes into play. G-Dry knows the parameters required for perfect drying of many foods. Thanks to its smart technology, it can dry all these foods in the fastest possible way by creating the most ideal and hygienic conditions in the drying room. Another magic of G-Dry is that it can transform and dry products into high quality and long-lasting foods without using fossil fuels, without polluting the nature, and with minimal operating costs.


When we examined the devices on the market during the R&D process, we found out that the devices that use steam drying are the devices with the highest operating costs. The second is the method of drying by heating with electricity. Finally, there are devices that use heat pumps. However, in these devices, heat pump technology doesn’t reduce operating costs as it is not used efficiently as in other methods. As the drying chamber heats up, the humidity inside increases. The device has to reheat the fresh air while discharging the humid air and taking fresh air instead. This working principle is the most important factor that increases the operating costs. Besides, the process takes place without using technology under unhygienic conditions.


Our success is a reflection of our long years of engineering experience in the heating, cooling and ventilation sector. Air movement and humidity are our field of interest. Unlike the drying ovens available in the market, we do not achieve drying only by heating. We use heating and cooling together. First we apply heat treatment and then we increase the efficiency to the maximum level by using heating and cooling together. In this way, the operating cost is also minimized. The secret of G-Dry's environmentally friendly low energy consumption capability lies in the heat pump technology present at the heart of the machine. Of course, it is very important to use heat pump technology efficiently for maximum energy efficiency. The heat recovery system we use with the heat pump is very economical. Thanks to its advanced technology, G-Dry turns the air taken from outside at 10° C with 80% humidity, into 60-61° C with 5% humidity. The magic here is that it carries out the process using waste heat at zero cost. G-Dry primarily heats the drying cabinet by extracting heat energy from the gas cycle using an external evaporator and transferring it to the condenser in the plant. When the cabinet reaches the appropriate drying temperature for the food to be dried, it automatically turns off the external evaporator and activates the evaporator inside the unit. With this process, it obtains dry air by reducing the specific humidity in the evaporator and the relative humidity in the condenser. As a result of this flow, the dehumidification feature of dry air is maximized and energy efficiency increases multiple times.


In addition to energy efficiency, we also attached great importance to hygiene, with the awareness that we are producing a food-themed machine. G-dry, 8 cm. It is polyurethane insulated, all surfaces in contact with the air are covered with stainless steel, it has a capacity of 350 kg to 10 tons, has a hygienic cabinet or belt system. In order to place the products, 561 hygienic baskets with minimum BPA values, 60x80cm width, in compliance with the food regulation, are inside the cabinet. We provide air circulation with 6000 holes in the cabin walls with a hygienic and specially designed plug-fan air handling unit, completely covered with stainless steel. We used completely hygienic stainless steel material in the channels between the central and the drying cabinet. We have maximized the hygiene of the air quality by adding special filters at the fresh air inlet and return air to the cabin outlet in the air handling unit. We evacuate some of the humid air returning from the cabin and get fresh air in better conditions from the outside. For this process, we use a very high efficiency economizer of Swedish origin.


G-Dry's interactive infrastructure is very strong. Thanks to its new generation smart software, authorized persons can access the system remotely 24/7. These powers can be restricted if desired. You do not need to stay in front of the G-Dry during long drying processes. At the same time, you can instantly monitor all heating parameters and drying process information such as temperature and humidity through the control panel. G-Dry offers its user the most efficient automation for perfect drying according to the type and characteristics of the product. It has the ability to measure weight depending on the drying time according to the user's request. In this way, the target weight can be determined over the starting weight. When the target weight is reached, G-Dry automatically turns itself off. With features such as these, G-Dry's powerful interactive aspect is unmatched.


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