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High Technology Food, Fruit and Vegetable Dryers

We carry our heating, cooling and ventilation experience of over 50 years to the food industry. We are always ready to use our abilities to the maximum in all areas where air flow and humidity are a concern. G-Dry smart food dryers, which stands for Green Dry, are a reflection of this ability acquired through years of experience in the food industry. We equipped our smart food dryers having low fuel consumption, low carbon emission, maximum hygiene and high performance, with technologies that will make an influence in the sector. On top of that completely with domestic R&D and domestic capital! Let's experience this pride together.

Let's witness the rise of our G-Dry smart food dryer brand to the stage it deserves in the sector.

Food, fruit anda vegetable dryers with heath pump

For Perfect Food Drying

G-Dry food dryers offer plenty of features for perfect fruit, vegetable and food drying. High build quality and new generation advanced technology allows drying of food quickly, powerfully and without disturbing the quality thereof. Having professional engineering capabilities in infrastructure thereof, G-Dry food drying machines, take industrial food drying to a new level with low energy consumption, energy-type utilization flexibility and long-lasting strong structural features.

Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Energy

G-Dry food drying machines have high efficiency and high drying performance. They dry food quickly, powerfully and without compromising quality. Despite their high efficiency and high performance, they require an extremely small amount of power consumption. This reduces the operating costs at the maximum amount.

Full Hygienic Drying Cabinet

The cabinet design of the G-Dry food drying machines has a hygiene and food protection structure above the food processing standards. High-quality hygienic materials are used throughout the cabin structure. You can dry your fruits, vegetables and other food products in this hygienic cabinet without any worries.

High Capacity Fast Drying

G-Dry food drying machines have the ability to dry 1 ton of food in as little as 6 hours, without disturbing the appearance and content quality of the food. Thanks to this feature, you will greatly increase your operating profit by having high savings on drying time.

Maximum Temperature Without Energy Consumption

Thanks to the high technology offered by G-Dry food drying machines, they can reach temperatures from -20 °C to +50, +62 °C without wasting energy. Thanks to this ability, you avoid the high cost of energy needed when reaching from low temperatures to high temperatures.

Possibility of Using All Heat Sources

G-Dry food dryers are designed to consume the power needed for drying, from all heat sources such as waste heat and thermal water energy. With the possibility of using renewable energy, you protect the environment and keep your budget under control.

The Type of Energy Consumption Is Up to You

G-Dry food drying machines utilize a technology with a variety of energy-type consumption. They can be produced as having hot water battery, heat pump, electric or hybrid. G-Dry don't force you to use a single working system. Machines can be designed according to the most suitable option for you.

Full Remote Control

Thanks to the new generation of intelligent technology, G-Dry food dryers can be controlled remotely by computers, tablets and smartphones. With this feature, which offers full remote control, you do not need to be near the machine to control the drying process, during long drying periods. Our machnes give you the opportunity to spend your time and energy on other things.

Smart Control Panel

G-Dry food dryers have an advanced integrated intelligent control panel that facilitates the drying process and includes food-specific configurations which you need for perfect drying. For a perfect drying process, it is enough to make the necessary adjustments from your smart control panel, after placing your products in the drying cabinet.

User Safety

G-Dry food dryers have the ability to set access limits for users operating the intelligent control panel and remote control feature. An Admin who has all the permissions can limit or increase the permissions of other users that he defines.

Built-in Precision Scale

G-Dry food drying machines have a built-in precision scale. This sensitive scale measures the weight of the food instantly during the food drying process. By calculating the differences between the initial weight and the dry weight, the drying process automatically terminates when the desired drying weight is reached.

Yerli üretim gıda, sebze, meyve kurutma makineleri

Domestic Production Industrial Food Drying Machines

Developed and Produced by Turkish Engineers

G-Dry food drying machines have been developed and manufactured with great care by professional and experienced engineers of RES Enerji Sistemleri A.Ş., one of the leading names in the heating, cooling and ventilation technologies sector of Turkey.

Particular attention was paid to the fact that it was completely domestic capital and domestic production. G-Dry industrial food dryers has been established for the purpose of promoting Turkish engineering and Turkey's technological capabilities worldwide, with the motivation to prove that we have the power to have a say in the industrial food drying sector in the international arena.

With this motivation, G-Dry managed to make a name for itself with its strong technological capabilities and professional engineering, after the first year of its launch on the market.

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Eeverthing About Our G-Dry Brand and Its Unique Engineering

For all your questions about G-Dry's founding story, vision, secret of success and advanced technology, you can check out our promotional videos.

What is Food, Fruit, Vegetables in Drying?

Why Are Food, Fruit and Vegetable Dried?

Since ancient times, various methods have been developed for preservation and conservation, and drying has been applied to foods. With these methods, the water in the food is evaporated with the help of air flow and sunlight without losing caloric value and without breaking the cells thereof. The decrease in the water activity value of the dried products increases durability thereof. Microorganisms and bacteria that spoil food cannot reproduce or survive in foods containing water below a certain rate. Thanks to the drying process, foods can be stored and consumed for a long time without losing vitamins and minerals. You can dry many food products such as all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat products, tea, olives, cheese, stale bread, mushrooms, spices, pasta and sugar both for preservation and for using in various areas.

Drying Methods

Food, vegetable and fruit Drying Methods

Food drying method can only be carried out with solar heat in nature. With the development of technology, the second method is provided by food dryers that can transfer simulated heat from various sources to dry foods. Although the drying method is divided into these two main groups, they can provide the necessary heat source for removing water from food by three main methods. These are convection drying, conduction drying and high (radio) frequency drying methods. In convection drying, the heat required for the evaporation of water is often carried by a gas such as air. Hot gas (air) is passed through, over and between the food to be dried. This method is generally known as hot air drying technique. In the conduction drying method, the heat required for evaporation is carried by conduction. In other words, while the food to be dried is immobile or moving, heat is transferred to the food from the hot area it comes into contact with. In high (radio) frequency drying, heat is transmitted to the food to be dried over a nearby radiation field without the need for any material carrier. Basic logic is here is similar to microwave ovens.

Food, Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machines

Benefits of Drying Machines

Performing food drying with solar heat and air flow (wind) which are main methods, requires perfect seasonal timing. Moreover, these methods can be performed in unhygienic conditions, regardless of the drying properties of the food. The perfect drying parameters of each food differ. Thanks to the developing technology, we know about these parameters. Food dryers, on the other hand, are able to dry perfectly by simulating the most suitable drying conditions according to the type of food in all seasons, regardless of natural conditions. Food dryers have 2 disadvantages. The first one is high energy consumption and the second one is high carbon emissions. G-Dry smart food dryers eliminate these two disadvantages thanks to the high technology they contains. They have excellent drying ability with very low energy consumption and low carbon emission features. Especially in our country's sector, G-Dry smart food dryers that are unique in their technological features represent the last point reached on an industrial scale.

Our Industrial Food Dryers

GR and GB Series Industrial Smart Food Dryers, High quality, Low Energy Saving.

GR (Heat Pump Dryers) and GB (Water Coil Dryers) Series Designed for Perfect Dood Drying.
GR (Heat Pump Dryers) Series Industrial Smart Food, Fruit and Vegetable Dryers
GB (Water Coil Dryers) Series Industrial Smart Food, Fruit and Vegetable Dryers